Welcome to our website, S & S Sutler of Gettysburg. My name is Tim Sheads. My wife, Debbie, and I operate a family-owned business, along with the help and support of our two daughters, Timalea and Laura. We are here to offer quality products and services with pride and integrity.

My family's dedication to the rich history of the Civil War era dates back to childhood. As a child, I was inspired by my father, Col. Jacob M. Sheads, the family patriarch, who taught history in the Gettysburg area and was a legend in his own time for his in-depth knowledge and deep-seated interest in the Civil War era, a rich and important era in our nation's history. My father's legend lives on as my wife and our children and I remain actively involved and committed to preserving the history of Gettysburg and the Civil War.

Over the years, thanks to the support of friends and the extended family of re-enactors, we have created a large inventory and have received an outpouring of respect and thanks from our customers. Our goal is to supply living historians, re-enactors and ladies with the most authentic garments and equipment at the best prices. We strive to use originals from our collection, private collections, museums, or documentations on our products. In the event that we do not carry what you are looking for, we will direct you to the right sources to help you complete your ensemble and make the correct impression.

This web site is dedicated to my parents, Col. Jacob M. and Marie Rosensteel Sheads, Debbie's grandfather who helped to build the Gettysburg Battlefield roads, Joseph Carver and all my relatives who fought in the Civil War, both North & South.

We hope to see you on the field or in our store.

- Tim & Debbie                    

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